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Strategic Social Media Marketing

Course Length: 4 hours


In this highly interactive workshop, we will perform a 4-hour deep dive into Social Media strategy and marketing techniques. You will learn how to balance, and potentially reduce the amount of time you are spending on social media, while increasing its effectiveness.


Upon completion, you will have a thorough understanding of how to use social media as a strategic tool to engage with your ideal audience, while using play and fun to attract increased sales.

Group Workshop offered in collaboration with Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce:

Cost: $350 AVCC member price

           $400 non-member price

Private, customized workshop for your team:

Cost: $1200 (up to 4 people. $100 for each additional participant.)

Learning Outcomes:

- Understand the role Social media plays in your overall Marketing strategy and how to use this tool without losing your mind.

- Identify your ideal audience (niche) to speak effectively with the people who are most likely to purchase from or into you.

Determine your brand’s content pillars - the consistent topics you will discuss, amplify & create content for.


- Understand the various post formats available and which will yield the best results based on your desired outcomes.


- Schedule 1 month of content for your business, and be able to use that knowledge to plan subsequent months on your own.


- Build a strategy for engagement & determine the amount of time you will dedicate to social media each week.


- Measure your success each month and build upon your best practices. 

"I have a strategy! I was having trouble organizing my thoughts, which drove me crazy as I'm in a new role. This course helped me get my thoughts down on paper in an organized fashion, and through the conversations during the workshop, I was able to broaden but, at the same time, pinpoint who my messages should be targeting. I feel as though the workshop relit my spark for comms. I am so grateful!"

- Chrystal Remme
Mashup Lab

"It was great to have outcomes come out of the workshop that will directly alleviate strain on my already busy schedule. Your demeanor, cadence and tone made it easy to stay engaged throughout the 4 hour workshop. I definitely learned lots that I will be able to use from day to day.
Thank you!"

- Jessica Ward
Groundwork: A Social Innovation Agency


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