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Digital Marketing Strategy


1. Identify specific the systems that would deliver the best return on investment & biggest impact on your business.

2. Get a step-by-step road map to have them in place and running within 90 days.

You’re ready to scale up your business with pro systems to see a higher return on your efforts without putting in more work.


But there’s a problem - you don't have clarity around what systems will make the biggest impact, and you're scared to waste your time and money chasing down ideas that aren't going to work for your distinct business.


Does this sound familiar?

✔ You've spent countless hours trying to set up new systems in the past, but keep running into roadblocks

✔ You know there must be a better solution out there, but you're overwhelmed by all the options

✔ You understand the systems you need to scale your business - but you don't know how to implement them
✔ You've wasted too much valuable time looking at the mountain of tasks, but you don't know how to break the project down into actionable steps


Generic courses aren't going to cut it.  You need a marketing expert to take a deep dive into your specific business and tell you exactly which steps to take to guarantee success.

What if I told you that you could...

✔ Gain clarity on the current effectiveness of your marketing efforts with minimal effort?
✔ Wake up each day knowing exactly which actions to take that would actually change the revenue you earn?
✔ Eliminate the crippling indecision that keeps you stuck where you are?
✔ Earn more money passively through effective marketing systems


It's all possible.

What you get:

Carrie May, Light Touch Laser.png

"Before completing the Assessment, I didn’t know where to put my time and effort. I kept hitting road blocks that led to incomplete tasks and dropped ideas.

I was hesitant whether this Assessment would offer real applicable solutions, or be vague and and abstract like I have seen in the past.
I knew I needed help and not following through on social media marketing was affecting my business, so I took the leap.


The action items were specific, detailed, and laid out in an easy-to-digest and implement format.  It was not cookie cutter at all! I have already made two referrals to colleagues to hire Julie for the assessment she offers."

-Carrie May, Owner,
Light Touch Laser Inc.

6 Areas Assessed:


Social Media



Online Reputation

Paid Advertising


I have found that when you only look at 1 marketing tool at a time, it’s easy to get bogged down in endless tasks that don't actually move the needle.  


But when you look at your entire digital marketing presence as a whole, it becomes much clearer where the vulnerabilities lie, and create better systems between all the pieces, so they can start working for you.

kaboompics_Workspace in the living room.jpg

The process:


Discovery Call

We start with having a chat to make sure this is the right move for your business at this time, and assess our fit.

Time req: ~30 mins



The Goods

I complete an in-depth analysis of each area of your digital marketing strategy & compile recommendations.

Time req: 0



Gather Info

I will send you a detailed list of questions about:

  • your currently efforts

  • where your clients come from 

  • how your sales are being made

Time req: 30-45 mins



Report Presentation

We schedule an in-person or virtual meeting, where I present your Marketing Assessment & Strategic Marketing Plan.

Time req: 2 hours




I will review your questionnaire and reach out with any questions that arise from the info.

Time req: 0-30 mins




The report & plan are yours to keep. You can chose to complete the action items yourself, continue working with me and/or other professionals to bring the plan to life!


concerned, looking at laptop2.png

What's the expected value of the information covered in this report?

While it's impossible for me to guarantee a dollar value for the information that will be revealed in your personalized report, I can tell you that one of my clients who completed this report was able to slash ~70% of their advertising budget, which represented an annual savings of $70,000.

Assessment book pic.png

Digital Marketing Assessment
& 90-Day Strategic Plan

2 payments of:

$429 (+ tax)

✔  Easy collection of your information

✔  Minimal time investment on your side

✔  1-on-1 access to a Digital Marketing expert
✔  Deep dive into 6 areas of your marketing efforts

✔  A comprehensive checklist of recommendations

✔  90-day Strategic Road Map

✔  Options for continuing support


Book your FREE Discovery Call!

Upon submitting your information, you will be redirected to a page where you can immediately book your Discovery Call!
Talk soon!


"Year after year I found myself spending exorbitant amounts of money on marketing efforts with little confirmation that they were being effective. But after 23 years of consistency, the idea of changing to a new approach was very difficult for me, and I continually questioned which solution would be the best fit.


Julie created a Strategy Plan that makes me comfortable. She made it easy to understand and she has been extremely easy to talk with- for that I am thankful.

For an old guy like me to direct my marketing in a totally different direction than that of what I was accustomed to, speaks volumes to her abilities."

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More Ways We Can Work Together

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