• Ready to create real, engaged relationships that convert?

  • Ready to level up your customer loyalty and your earnings?

  • Ready for a partner who cares about your business goals as much as you do?

my Expertise

I specialize in developing effective


What is a customer journey?

When you think of your customer, who comes to mind? 


Can you name their intentions, motivations, and pain points?


Do you know why they are choosing your company over your competitors?

I work with you to define your customer's values, needs & problems, and then create tailored customer journeys, designed to guide your customers from awareness to conversion.

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Business owners want


but what we need is


When you have true clarity surrounding who your target customer is - how to best connect with them and which of their pain points you can solve - you won't be chasing customers any more...


You'll be attracting them.


This will keep them coming back, time and time again.

1:1 Business strategy coaching

DWI Services (done with you)

1 : 1 coaching focused exclusively on your brand & designed to give you tangible insights and tools in order for you to be able to create massive change in your processes & results.

May be performed virtually or in person.

*In order to be most effective, the FOUNDATIONS session is compulsory before completing any other strategy session(s).


Deep dive into your business to gain massive clarity in these areas:

  • Who you are

  • What you do​

  • Where you're going

Identify your niche market

  • Who are they specifically?

  • How to reach them​

  • How to talk to them

This session is the best gift you can give yourself as a business owner!

Exploring these questions will truly give you an unshakable foundation and allow you to move with ease in your business afterward.  It will give you peace of mind and confidence to make future strategic decisions. 

Investment: 2 hours, $295 CAD (+ tax).


Deep dive into your complete digital presence to gain massive clarity in these areas:

  • How are you guiding potential clients from awareness to purchase, to becoming a brand ambassador.

  • Why you need to plan the entire journey in order to see success.

  • What tools will be most critical for you to use/learn.

  • How to optimize your findability online. (SEO, SEM, Google My Business, Reviews, etc.)

You'll walk away with:

  • A planned out journey for your most frequent type of customer.   (this statement fits nicely into 1 bullet point, but the magnitude of this line alone could mean the difference between struggle -> freedom for you in your business.)

  • Knowledge of how to duplicate your journey for other types of customers.

Investment: 2.5 hours, $375 CAD (+ tax).



Deep dive into your email marketing to gain massive clarity in these areas:

  • Why email marketing is the best bang for your marketing buck. 

  • Why owning your audience is better than renting

  • Converting your social media/website leads into actual sales

  • Which platform is the best fit for your needs

  • How to configure automations/journeys that run while you sleep

You'll walk away with:

  • A branded, automated lead capture connected to your website or social media

  • A strong strategy going forward for how to leverage your email subscribers into sales.

Investment: 2.5 hours, $375 CAD (+ tax).


Deep dive into your social media strategy to gain massive clarity in these areas:

  • What to talk about

  • How often to post

  • What tool is best for you when it comes to scheduling content

  • Intro to Reels

  • The difference between growing your audience vs. growing your paying customers.

  • Starting your customer journey on social media.

You'll walk away with:

  • an updated profile

  • 1 month of planned posts  

  • Knowing how to plan 1 month of posts in under 1 hour

Investment: 2.5 hours, $375 CAD (+ tax).

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Julie is the clarity Queen!

"I needed help nailing down my messaging for my freelance services, and she helped me determine my ideal clients and how to effectively hook and reel them in through a new branding strategy. I'm so glad I didn't have to do this on my own and struggle to put together something lackluster. Make your life easier and get her help, your bank account will thank you later."

-Emily Lawrence,

Recipe Developer,  Food Photographer, Wonder Woman

Customer journey development

DFY Services (done for you)

For established businesses looking to turn engagement into lasting sales growth through passing the work to the expert.

The initial setup phase can take 2 - 6 weeks.  

The payoff: the systems that will be put in place during this process will drive sales today + higher conversions for years to come.


Platform setup | $195 (+ tax)

  • Choose and create an account on an email platform

  • integration into existing practices/tracking methods

Creation of brand kit + templates | $295 (+ tax)

  • Design the look & feel of your email correspondence

  • Establish Brand Kit

  • Create 'welcome' email template

Promotional Newsletter Creation | $245 per email (+ tax)

  • Create optimized, branded newsletters with links to purchase. (Does not include copywriting)

  • Includes conversion report

Drip Campaigns | $245 per email (+ tax)

  • Create automated workflows and journeys with multiple email chains to optimize your customer journey and convert sales.

  • Includes automation setup

Familiar platforms





Landing page creation | $500 - $900 (+ tax, based on complexity/length/copywriting)

  • 1 web page with complete details of the program, sign up form, benefits, testimonials, answers to objections.

  • Call to Action

  • Created on your existing website platform

  • Tracking links

Website Audit & Optimization | $595 (+ tax)

  • Update/suggest new imagery (if needed)

  • Update image size/descriptions for Google & load times

  • Internal & External SEO audit

  • Social Share optimization

  • Favicon creation

Social Media Landing Page | $395 (+ tax)

  • Ditch the Linktr.ee and make your own optimized landing page for Social that links to all of your essential services, and is also able to collect leads directly, maintain the same branding as your site, and be trackable.

Familiar platforms






Investment: $1000/mo + $600 setup (+ HST) | min 3 month commitment | min $500/mo ad spend


Setup includes

  • Facebook Business Manager Account creation, verification

  • Data source creation, verification & testing

  • Creation of separate Ad Creative for 3 (feeds, stories, reels)


Management Fee includes

  • Management of up to 3 Campaigns per month

  • Budget Optimization (reorganizing funds to succeeding placements)

  • Creation of additional Ad Sets

  • Creation of additional audiences based on learnings

  • Editing email drip campaign based on user feedback/actions

  • Weekly Campaign Reporting



Why work with me:

My average return on ad spend (ROAS): 7x.

($100 ad spend investment yields $700 in income)


My best campaign:

Cost per lead: $.75 (3x better than industry standard)

Link Click through rate: 3.58% (4x better than industry standard)

Resulting sales: 19.97x ROAS


What a dream to deal with

"I was trying to incorporate my two brands together on the one website, but was struggling to seamlessly join them. Julie hit the ground running with a few upfront meetings and then e-mail correspondence to figure out my needs and wants. Julie is a breeze to deal with. So energetic and proactive. I can't wait to see how my business unfolds because of her input.

-Rachael Robertson, Owner, Robertson's Farm & Apothecary


Let's chat!

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I'd love to hear from you! I aim to answer all emails within 1-3 business days, within my normal business hours of M-Th, 10am-6pm AST.

Use the form or email me at julie@julieogilvie.com